History : Xigma oil was established in 2010 to maintain and improve the quality of products and their compliance with international standards.

View: Xigma oil help to reduce the amount of burned oil in the environment with high quality and multigrade (four season).

Use convenient and high-quality raw materials as well as the standard formulation shows that This brand, takes steps to develop a culture of environmental protection….

Xigma oil tries to prevent environmental pollution while providing customer satisfaction is also very important.


Xigma oil in a literfour-liter metal and plastic containerstwenty-literbucketbarrel in laminated cartons with the best design and excellent quality proof plastics packaged and sent to domestic and foreign markets.

  1. Factors affecting the duration of the operation and oil change

    1. engine operating conditions such as high speed driving, driving with excessive load standard on roads with steep, High speed driving in cold  weather before warming up the engine oil,Turn off and on the engine too frequently in cold weather and driving on dirt roads and dust for a long time.

    2 Quality of combustion engine

    3- Quality motor oil and fuel

    4 Quality of air filters and oils

  2. Xigma oil's function

    1. Reduce friction of moving parts engine

    2. Reduce abrasion  of engine part

    3. Cooling  internal components of engine 

    4. Clean internal component engine  of soot and the composition of the oil breakdown and deposits between parts
    5. Complete sealing between the cylinder and piston
    6. Protect parts of engine  against corrosion
    7.Optimal performance of moving parts  engine  at different temperatures.
  3. Packing

    Our Managers believe : The loyalty of our customers are the principal.According to this subject, try to understand expectations and needs of customers.

    Xigma motor oil company doesn’t spare no effort for customer satisfaction.
    Trying to adapt the product to the expectations, needs and demands of our customers is part of the Xigma oil’s  corporate culture.

  4. Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control is a system to achieve an appropriate level of quality of a product or production process and maintenance that do with careful planning,the use of suitable machinery, continuous inspection and corrective action.

Quality control purposes:

Maintain the standards set.

Detection and correction of deviations in the manufacturing process.

Detect and correct off-standard products.